Episode 139

Published on:

7th Jun 2022

Winning Mentalities

3rd Quarter Warriors, The locked in Colorado Avalanche, and Rafael Nadal some this weekend's winners we discuss this Pod

Timestamps Approximate

BBall Storylines (02:12) We start with recap and analysis of game 2 of the NBA Finals Marathon, discussing the Celtics recurring turnover problem, the defensive presence of Gary Payton the second, the inevitability of the 3rd quarter run and more.

Talkin' Hockey (15:09) we get to two very different game 3s, one of them seeing the Avalanche put a stranglehold on their series despite McDavid's best efforts, the other seeing the Lightning erupt with their backs against the wall and take all the momentum back from the series.

Wrapping up with some Tennis Talk (25:55), we discuss Rafael Nadal's 14th French Open title, one of the greatest achievements in sports. Ever.

All Music: Mystery Train by UIC https://open.spotify.com/track/3CBI2Nkyd2sx3iWkDmXgnO?si=ij50q1FSQhKp2e7B7daL

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