Episode 119

Published on:

22nd Mar 2022

NHL Trade Deadline: Winners & Losers

We're back recapping the NHL Trade Deadline, last 7 days in the NBA with a Toronto/LA focus, March Madness, NFL Free Agency + more

Timestamps Approximate

The Boys are Back & Talkin' Hockey (02:28) We go through most of the transaction that occurred in the NHL, looking at which buyers got the pieces they needed at the right value, which sellers got the right picks and prospects, and which losers did the worst.

In BBall Storylines (20:44), we recap a whole week of action from the 170pts scored by 3 players, to the North versus LA match up that occurred this week, and the Raptors bounce back win against the 76ers. As well as all the March Madness action and upsets that have happen along the way to the sweet sixteen

In Football Fancave (32:30) Owen runs through all the big name moves this NFL Free Agency: Watson, Adams, Von Miller, Jackson ect...

We wrap up with a Baseball Bit (38:14) praising the Blue Jays' home run trade for Chapman after losing out on Freeman

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