Episode 25

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19th Feb 2021

Episode 25: Do you BeLeaf?

Leafs Talk, Tennis Aussie Open Finals, NBA All Stars, Tatis Jr contract and more on this pod!

Timestamps approximate

We kick off with Talkin' Hockey (02:48-22:40) or really just talking Leafs, recapping the highs and lows of their 3 game series against the Senators, and a bit on the Galchenyuk trade (17:04)

Football Fancave (22:41-30:45) covering what they call Football accross the pond with the return of the Champions league (22:53) as well as GridIron football covering the Carson Wentz trade to the Colts (27:24)

Tennis (30:46-44:28) Previews and Recaps the mens elimination tournament with the Finals set between Djokovic and Medvedev (31:40) as well as the Women's side recapping Osaka vs Williams (35:28) before Osaka faces Brady in the Finals

NBA Storylines (44:28-58:29) we talk about the Raptors back to back wins over the Bucks, love to give Dame Lilliard a shoutout (50:51) as well the All Star Starters are in (51:42)

Baseball Banter (58:29) closes out the show discussing the league redefining contract handed to Tatis Jr.

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